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Date Last Posted: Not sure. Looong time
Format: Message board
Genre: Originally a RENT RPG, now just a Real Life one.
Name: Alphabet City
Contact: Sarah (Angel on board)
Minimum Age Requirement: 18
Deadline: NONE

Specific Requirements: We are currently seeking a Joanne. Our Maureen is very active.
Game Description: You're living in America at the end of the millennia. . . and you're not alone.
Alphabet City
We're in the year 1996 and the colorful residents of the East Village in Manhattan are facing the issues which challenge poor Bohemian artists in the mid-90s. Drug abuse, HIV, prostitution, starvation, death, life, and love. However, they find that they aren't alone, friends are all around, and there is always coffee to be drunk, issues to be discussed, and art to be created, good and otherwise. Come join our cast of canon and original characters, featuring a strong sense of community and creativity and find that you're not alone either.We began as a post canon Rent fandom game, but in the past two years have become a real life game which is set in New York's East Village. At the time, it was a grim slum, full of drug dealers, prostitutes, and poor bohemian artists. But beautiful things often come of darkness and our world is peopled with just such creative folk. The question is, is your character strong enough to flourish, or will he or she become another bleak statistic?
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